Alumni Stories

Discover how our alumni are making a difference 

Cornish students strive to make a difference in the world and this determination continues into adulthood as alumni. Here are some wonderful stories about how our alumni are applying what they learnt at Cornish to their everyday lives.

Kate Taylor

For Kate Taylor (CC2012), Cornish has never felt too far away. Reminiscing on her memorable experiences from her time at Cornish, Kate recalls the welcoming environment that provided her with a world of exciting 
opportunities. Whether it was cross country skiing, travelling to Vietnam for Big Experience, or dressing up for Night of Decades, Kate says that she wouldn’t change a thing about her time at Cornish.

After graduating, Kate embarked on the first adventure of her post-school life, travelling to the United Kingdom to commence her role at Tockington Manor School. Living on the school campus, Kate teamed up with staff to
teach swimming lessons, host breakfast club, run exciting sports classes and perform boarding house duties with children aged 3 to 14. The school shared remarkable similarities with Cornish, featuring small class sizes and hosting farm animals on 28 acres of land. Even ‘halfway around the world’, Kate felt at home.

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Brett Drummond

‘Having the opportunity to recently connect with students at Cornish College was an amazing experience and I’m excited to be able to share my journey since school again.’

Brett Drummond’s (CC2002) trailblazing spirit can perhaps be traced back to his time at Cornish, where he was appointed a school captain, in one of the College’s first Year 10 cohorts.

Finishing his International Baccalaureate in 2002, Brett went on to complete a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at the University of Melbourne. In his Honours year, Brett was fortunate enough to work in a research laboratory on a project related to multiple sclerosis (MS). ‘It is fair to say that this moment, and everything that followed it, were not in my plans when I was at high school.’

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Emma Halliday

After her first student debate in Year 6, Emma Halliday (CC2012) decided that her career would have to involve arguing, and preferably her other favourite hobby, reading. Luckily for Emma, these are both key elements of a career in law!

Emma’s journey began in Year 10 when she embarked upon work experience at a top-tier law firm, where she gained valuable insight into the life of an Intellectual Property lawyer.
Emma was fortunate to be offered this opportunity through her connection to another Cornish family. Her interest in the field is still largely driven by this unique experience.

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We would love to hear your latest news so that we can share it with the Cornish community. If you’re about to start an exciting new job, undertake further study, or have recently become engaged or married, please let us know! Please contact Community Relations via to share your updates.

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